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Acupressure Pad

Acupressure and Magnetic Therapy Helps in : Increasing height. Relieving muscular & body pain. Improving resistance power of the body. Reviving, rejuvenates, promotes growth of cells, tissues and increases the number of Red Blood Corpuscles. Reducing body tiredness, stiffness and swelling. Relieving mental stress, anxiety and depression. Normalizing the blood pressure. Reducing cholesterol level, clotting in the blood and stimulates blood flow. Stimulating the brain, heart and muscles. Regulating respiratory, nervous system, circulatory, digestive and genitor-urinary. Keeping the body energetic, healthy, tones-ups whole body mechanism and improves the productivity. Relieving foot corn, pain in knee joints (arthritis), foot ache, foot swelling, foot cracks, migraine and sinus problems.
₹ 350.00

Aloe Aam Pachak

Enriched with Mango Pulp, Aloe Vera, Black Salt, Ginger and Cumin etc.
₹ 99.00

Aloe Almond Hair Oil

According to the Indian Govt’s DOCA 2012 report, 90 to 95% minerals (Paraffin) are found in hair oils. As per the DOCA report these mineral oils neither contain any healthy or medicinal properties nor any nutrients. According to the USA based NCBI organization the mineral oils cause cancer.
₹ 325.00

Aloe Digest

Best mouth freshener. Improves digestive system and increases appetite. Relieves indigestion, gastric, flatulence, constipation, acidity, cramps, vomiting and stomach ache. Stops bacterial growth in mouth and throat. Improves the functioning of liver and gallbladder. Beneficial for common cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory infection. Relieves urinary tract infection and digestive system infection.
₹ 160.00

Aloe Mist

Moisturizing Lotion Enriched with Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Carrot, Walnut, Almond oil Olive oil. Herbal Aloe M ist is specially formulated to soothe your dry skin.It is non- greasy. Aloe Mist leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and naturally healthy and gentle enough for daily use. It allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin throughout the day and maintains a healthy skin barrier. Spreads easily and smoothly. Beneficial for all type of skin. Makes the skin fairer, smoother, supple and soft.
₹ 290.00

Anion Sanitary Napkins

Magnetic Energy ANION- Sanitary Napkins “Say Goodbye to menstrual pain with magnetically charged Sanitary Napkins.” Don’t let your monthly cycle wore you down and take a back seat. Menses were never meant to be painful or frustrating, but with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits women are facing problems during their cycle. Backache, cramps in thighs, joint pain, mood swings, feeling lost and desolated, pimples on the skin are some of the issues women face. But what if you get to know there are sanitary napkins that will make your cycle pain free and smooth?
₹ 275.00