Fresh Salmon, Mango & Basil SALMON RELISH STARTER & SMALL Breeds (All Breeds) Oh, the joy of bringing a little bundle of fur into your home! Not many things are more uplifting! As you watch them pitter patter their pudgy paws all over your floor, it’s only natural to wonder if you’re doing everything perfectly. Here at W&L, we’d like to put one of those burdens at ease. PUPPY BLOOM is the ultimate natural meal for Weaning Puppies of All Breeds from 6-8 weeks and Growing Puppies of Small & Medium from 2-12 months. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your baby is growing stronger and healthier, every single day.
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Fresh Salmon, Mango & Basil SALMON RELISH STARTER & SMALL Breeds  (All Breeds)

*FRESH NORWEGIAN SALMON : Exceptional protein, rich wilderness taste, high Omega-3s, easy to digest. Recommended for fussy-eaters, sensitive dogs.

*FRUITS, VEGGIES, EXOTIC HERBS: Natural Anti-oxidants, 20+ vitamins & minerals for growth & maintenance.

*NATURAL: NO artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. GMO Free. For longer, healthier and more active lives.

*REVOLUTIONARY "MINI-PACK": Metal coated, N2/CO2 flushed. Incredible freshness & palatability, preservation of nutrients, ease of storage.