Paw's Wonder

Be it birthday's, be it anniversaries, the most exciting part of it all, is the gifts we receive. Just like we wait for gifts, our furry friends wait for them too. Pet Pals presents Paw's Wonder, a wonderful gift box for your dog that has toys, treats and essentials. Surprise your little furry friends every month with Paw's Wonder, we are sure they will love their gift box.
Vendor: PetPals
₹ 460.00
₹ 320.00

We are taking one more step to bring more compassion to the world. Your pooch is a part of your world, no doubt, but you are the whole world to your pooch. The undivided attention and the unconditional love that they show to you are the best gifts you have received. Today, give them something back. Give them a surprise! Get them a Bark Box. Make them happy! It is only going to come back to you in multiples!

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