Adult Vigor LARGE & GIANT Breeds 800 MG

Carrot & Cranberry Adult Vigor LARGE & GIANT Breeds As your puppy matures into a graceful dam or sire, one can only marvel at how quickly they grow! But it’s important that their growth is supplemented with wholesome and natural nourishment. Which is where Wag & Love comes in. ADULT VIGOR is the ultimate natural recipe for Adult Dogs of Large & Giant Breeds from 18 months onwards. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your companion is getting the perfect nourishment, every single day, for a longer & healthier life.
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Carrot & Cranberry Adult Vigor LARGE & GIANT  Breeds

*FRESH BONELESS DUTCH CHICKEN: Exceptional lean protein for well-being, rich wilderness taste, easy to digest & high bio-availability of nutrients.

*FRUITS, VEGGIES, EXOTIC HERBS: Rich in anti-oxidants; 20+ vitamins & minerals for longer, healthier & more active lives.

*NATURAL: NO artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. GMO Free.

*REVOLUTIONARY "MINI-PACKS": Metal coated, N2/CO2 flushed. Incredible freshness & palatability, preservation of nutrients, ease of storage.